Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tonight's Cadre Meeting

Tonight we had the second cadre meeting and is was just as good as the first one! It was awesome! I have two great leaders (Samantha, and Lindsay) And they are really doing a GREAT job. I am already starting to get closer to some of the girls that I am an "acquaintance" to and we have a great time of building relationships, and just talking about whatever seems to be on our minds (which is really fun :P). Tonight we each shared our testimony to our cadre, and the three girls that were there, all grew up in Christian homes, and later on in life realized that Christianity is real and that it really meant something to them, and they got into a more serious relationship with Christ. Samantha even brought cupcakes! And since only a few girls were able to come, the three girls that came got to have lots, because she made 12. I love the idea of cadre groups and I am so excited to get closer and closer to the girls in my cadre. I am really looking forward to the next meeting!

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