Friday, June 5, 2009

Recent News

OUR SCHOOL FINALLY MOVED! On Friday we packed up, and on Monday we started school at what used to be Comox Elementary School. It's such an amazing blessing that we are in town and have a lot more space than we used to have. It was awesome how fast it happened too. I think we found out a week? before we moved that we could move. It's so awesome!

Yesterday our cousins, aunt and uncle came over and they are going to stay at our house this weekend for my Grandma's birthday! It's today and she is officially considered a senior citizen. I love my Grandma. She is so phenomenal, and an amazing cook. I could go on and on about how much I love her and everything she does for me and our family. She got this musical card for mother's day from our cousins and the song went like this, "Grandma is kisses, Grandma is kind, when I act silly, she doesn't mind. Grandma is love, Grandma is hugs, she makes me smile bright as the sun...being with her is my favourite treat" or something along those lines. I can't really remember all the words, but that song kind of summarizes a section of what my Grandma is, except she is SO much more than what is written/sung in the card. She is an awesome example of a woman with a heart that is so dedicated to God and serving him. She is a grandma to everyone in the church if you know her well or not! I just love her! I remember when I was younger, she would get Papa to be the one who gave us most of the candy, because she was "Good Food Grandma" ahahahaha it makes me laugh :D

I can't believe that it is already JUNE! Seriously, it seems like yesterday we were just arriving at Homewood for the youth retreat in January! Wowzers! Anyway.. in 2 months minus one day it will be my 14th birthday! WOO! I am so stoked for summer. One of the things I love about summer, is that you can stay up really late, and it doesn't matter if you wake up at noon the next day. Another thing is that every night you can be scheming for a sleepover, instead of just the two given days on the weekend. There's also, camp, camping, birthday, youth events, vacation, no homework, it's hot. Oh my gosh! I just love summer!

Another amazing thing I could not, not blog about is MY FUTURE NEICE OR NEPHEW IS ON THE WAY!! I couldn't be more happy for my older "brother and sister" Jason and Kelsey. All day today and last night I have been thinking about it and I can't even believe it. I have been waiting years for the next 9 months. Congratulations Jason and Kelsey, I love you guys! 


Mikayla Joy Donovan said...

Me, you, chels, tommy, and mel have a future brother or sister on the way!

matt said...

I know ... I am almost 14 too... it just seems so weird... a few years ago we were running around in dress up

Mercedes said...

Lol. I know I miss those days.. but am glad that I (we) are moving forward in life!! :D

Alexandra said...

and me

Elizabeth J. said...

Hi there! This is my first visit to your blog (I arrived here from the Joy Like a Fountain blog). If you would like, stop by my blog. By the way, I like your blog background.

Emii said...

hey mercedes,

what's up.. how's life?!