Saturday, September 19, 2009

so as all of you have noticed.. I have not been doing very much blogging lately.. sorry about that. I really need to gain back my reputation as a blogger! Just a quick update about me and my life to this day.. I have started to get really really exited about Christmas recently.. yeah. I am pretty stoked. Only.. oh my days... only 96 sleeps 8 hours and 41 minutes left! I am also getting SO excited for our church's youth conference Consumed! ( It's going to be so amazing =) ALSO.. my blood is at a very healthy state right now. Yesterday I got my Tetnis booster shot along with 2 other things mixed in there. I was sooo nervous about getting it.. I hate shots.. ew. I hate them. Anyway.. school is going fabulously. I love just getting back in the swing of things, although if I could, I would minimize the time spent with those dumb boys ;) Other than that life is pretty fine. Got back from camp a couple of weeks ago.. it was so amazing. God did such phenomenal things in the lives of all the youth there, and it was amazing to see him working in them. He stretched me, challenged me, and I'm so happy he did!

I love how the weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. I absolutely love waking up and it is dark and raining. I just love fall.. and winter. Oh I cannot wait until it snows! It wont be too long.. and we'll have a snowday. Oh yeah.. one drawback from being in the new school.. less snowdays! (Although we only had 1 last year in Merville, we still had better chances of missing out on the wonderful thing we call school) I should be getting back to the world of facebook! hopefully talk to you soon!


Abbie said...

Hey! I've been super excited for Christmas too! Weird... I love Christmas!

Abbie =D x0x

matt said...

Hey Ya'll... haha
Any way it was nice talking to you . hope we do that more often:)
is your brothers blog closed to outsiders or something?

Emii said...

Hey Mercedes,
Yes, no time blog, but it's good to see you back.. lol :)


Chelsea Millar said...

i know. it's going to be difficult to get out of school with the snow now.