Saturday, March 7, 2009

Guess what? I am officially the first person to follow Miranda's blog! So if you wanted to be the first one... well to bad. You can check out her blog at <> So anyways, my day has been going pretty good so far. Last night the school had the 30 hour famine, and I participated in that. It was great, we played a bunch of games, had a photo scavenger hunt, went bowling, and sang worship songs and had time with God. OH MY GOODNESS! If you have never had the privilege of participating in a CVCS 30 hour famine, you would have never been able to taste the most fantastic bread ever! Mrs. Tansky was working all day yesterday, and boy did it pay off! It was so light and fluffy, and paired with the hamburger soup that the grade 10's made... mmm! Bon a'petite!

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Mikayla Joy Donovan said... were following the wrong blog. The footprints picture is the right one. And I was following the right one first! Sorry to burst your bubble! Haha...jk...see ya in the morning!