Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my father's birthday (can you believe next year he'll be 40?!). And I wanted to say how much I appreciate him and everything he does.
  • He is an amazing pastor
  • He is a phenomenal Dad
  • He is always always there if I ever need to talk
  • He is caring
  • He is hilarious
  • He is probably the best Kraft Dinner maker ever
  • He always encourages me and my brothers
  • He gave me spankings (Thank the Lord!)
  • I am so glad that he is my father and that I am his daughter (Father-Daughter!)
  • He is always there to give me a hug
  • He cares so much about Gods plan for me
  • He seems to remember everything that he ever learned in school and helps me with my homework if I am not getting it
My Dad is so amazing. I love him loads. These are only a few of the amazing things about my dad. Happy Birthday Dad. I love you!!
P.S. If I could get my dad ANYTHING in the world it definitely would be the Handy Dandy Clicker! Read the following in a classic commercial/peppy voice.
"Are you stressed out with the infinite spelling errors and powerpoint problems at your church? Do you get fed up with having problems occurring on stage? Well, if so, you need the Handy Dandy Clicker! This amazing device can solve all of your problems, AND MORE. Say you see on the screen the word "Holy" being spelt "holey," simply take the lazer at the top of the clicker and scan over the word. On the Handy Dandy Keyboard, quickly type the proper spelling and click! Problem solved. Another great feature of the Handy Dandy Clicker, is that if powerpoint "can't make the point," the easy functioning clicker can go through the slides like nobody's business. It is simply is amazing. Also, this device can be used for texting! Simply type in the word-ical (not numerical) into the keyboard, and then text all you want! You can get this amazing device in all the stores with red roofs and plastic windows. Take a break, get the Handy Dandy Clicker!"

Now say/read in a very low and quick voice

"Handy Dandy Clicker is not responsible for any physical problems caused by the clicker, and can only be used in East Africa. Batteries not included."

Happy Birthday Dad I love you!

Emerson: What she said
Hudson: Happy Birthday Daddy What she said I love you


Alexandra said...

haha he gave me spankings!

mandy larade said...

Haha... Can only be used in East Africa... What she said. :P