Thursday, February 19, 2009



I am lying in bed.
I am using my wonderful father's laptop
I am looking at my freshly groomed shih tzu Diva
I am tired

Well... today was good I guess.... it was formal day at school today and well.. I dressed more "formally" than I usually do! Some kids dressed up in my class. Only girls.. well except for Brody.
Me and Chels had to take pictures for yearbook, but it was really easy because they all were posed of course FORMAL DAY posed and everything. We had everybody (dressed formally) get arranged with the trees as the background so that the formal day page in the yearbook would look somewhat formal and well 'fancy' ? Anyways thats how it went down. 

Just a little while ago I was sitting in the nursery with a whole bunch of other people babysitting one child. It was pretty fun.. I coloured 2 pictures which is something that I have not done in years.... ACTUALLY! I just did colouring like a few days ago for a map in school. Well actually that doesn't really count. Tonight I was colouring with CRAYONS. THAT is something I haven't done in years. So yeah. Tomorrow should be good, because we have a sub for Mr. Shuel, and she's pretty easy going so that will be nice.... and we have a sub for bible too. And ontop of that, Fridays are just easy anyways. Unless of course you are assigned hard work to do! But I am not really planning on that. Since I have nothing in particular to do right now I am going to change my blog background and such. Until next time.....

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