Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am so bored right now!

Ok well, since I am stuck at home today with the slight chance of getting to talk to some people on facebook, and there really is nothing else to do, I will just blog for a while. At least that will keep me "not bored." So. My whole sickness career began on the way home from GU. We were halfway across the ocean and I started to feel feverish. On Sunday morning I woke up, still felt feverish and stayed home from church. Monday, I got, or felt more, sick I felt so bad in the morning I felt like I was going to fall down. But I still went to school. Tuesday, I went to school again, but by the end of the evening, I was feeling like a train wreck as big as the Titanic. Pretty much all of last night I was blowing my nose, but don't you hate it when you blow your nose, stuff comes out, but your nose is still as stuffy as it was before!? Yeah. I had that ALL last night. Once when I woke up in the night I went to the bathroom and discovered that I also had pink eye. Fabulous. So I woke up this morning, REALLY not wanting to go to school, but still wanting to so that I don't have to get homework. (I hate it). But I decided I would stay home, even though I only stayed in bed for another hour. So this is how wonderful my day has went so far....

After waking up and just hangning around, my Papa assigns me some homework which included a sereis of algebra equations, to write a 1/2 page long story (it turned out being 1 page) and to finish my science homework that I already had. So I did the things that he had assigned in about half an hour. But I still have one more science question that I need to do still. After doing that homework, I go to a different table to do some of my science, but then I blow my nose and boom! Blood starts flowing from one of my nostrils. Before I know it, blood starts flowing out of my other nostril. I think, 'No big deal, just a nose bleed'
Well folks, this nosebleed lasted for like 5 minutes and I was scared I was going to die because of all the blood that was coming out of me! My Papa phoned the doctor, they just said to see if it stops bleeing soon, if it doesn't, I don't know they said do something else. But my nose has been like a runny nose, except with light red blood, instead of normal runny nose. After a while, I kind of blew my nose again (I guess I must have done it to hard) and then blood started coming out of one nostril again! I thank the Lord! it only came out of one though. I was so scared. I was praying in tongues. Oh my gosh it was scary. Well, everything is alright now, but I still have the same runny nose blood thing.

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Mikayla Joy Donovan said...

Ah babe..haha...ttyl

Love you and hope you get better soon! <3