Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bidet-An Amazing Device

This weekend, our leadership team headed down to Portland Oregeon for the youth conference Generation Unleashed. All of the girls on the team got to stay at this lovely house with the sweetest people that fed us well, and gave us the "at home" feeling. In this lovely house, there is a lovely bathroom. And inside this lovely bathroom, lives the bidet toilet. The discovery of it, went something like this.....

"One Friday morning, Mikayla and Mercedes needed to do their hair and go to the bathroom. Since the downstairs bathroom was being used, they decided to go upstairs. Once in the upstairs bathroom, Mikayla started doing her hair. But Mercedes had to go to the bathroom. Mercedes lifted up the toilet seat and sat down. To her surprise, the seat was heated! Then, Mikayla noticed a set of controls mounted on the wall. They then realized that this toilet must clean as well!"

All the girls found out about this contraption which led to trying it out too. When people were trying it out, they would wait a bit, and it wouldn't start so they would say "It's not coming" then, the bathroom would be filled with squeal of fear mixed with laughter. hahahahaha just thinking about it now I laugh. 


Deb's Den said...

I have to admit that this is one topic I have never seen on a blog before! Keep having fun with it! God bless, Debbie <><

matt said...

uummm a heated toilet ... how quaint!