Friday, May 8, 2009


Well.. spring is defiantly here! It is currently 8:44 and it is still light out!! We have kind of past the "rain stage" of spring and are now moving into the warmer weather. I am stoked. This afternoon I just spent some time reading on my grandparents deck in the sun on a bench/swing. It was glorious. I might even be able to do that when I go back there if it isn't too cold. I can't wait!! The summer schedule is up on the church's website! I can't wait til June.. and July.. and MOST OF ALL... AUGUST! The month of my birth. wooooo! I can't wait. Fun Fun FUn. that's basically summer all SUMMed up lol. I love summer! No homework... no school.. campfires.. camping... vacation.. birthday... youth practically EVERY night! Yeah. That's how I am doing. :D


emily said...

OHH that's so NOT fair! I wish I had no school!!!! AAARRRGHH> not fair. Anyway, have fun. Be thinking of me -- a girl who has to go to school -- a girl who ISN'T on school vacation...sigh.

xox emily

Mercedes said...

Oh! I'm not on vacation.. I am just dreaming of summer vacation. hahaha sorry :D lol