Monday, May 4, 2009


Lately we have been taking a break in science and talking about the flaws and cons of evolution. We have also been learning a lot about creationism too. One thing that I found ABSOLUTELY amazing.. was one point that Dr. Hovind said in a video was.. Universe: One-verse (sentence) "Let there be." If you are an evolustionist this should change your beliefs automatically! It is so straight forward. I love it.. 13 days until I am in the Disneyland park people!! I am so excited. I can't wait for all of my dreams to come true even more than they already have.. (I have heard that happens in Disneyland :D) This will be my 3rd time going.. but the first time I went I was 4.. and the second time I went I only went for a day. So basically... this is going to be my first REAL DEAL Disneyland visit. I will actually be able to experience it to the fullest and remember it all :D I should go I have to have dinner!


emily said...

Hey Mercedes,

Ohh, no fair -- I have never been to disneyland/world in my entire life...but i guess that makes sense, cuz i live in austraaalia. :P Anyway, KUTAW.

xox emily

Mercedes said...