Monday, April 27, 2009


OK. I have no idea why my writing is underlined.. ok but whatever. So. This is a picture of laminin. So you are all thinking right now "Ok Mercedes... cool?" I AM getting to the point! A few months ago I watched a sermon on video by Louis Giglio in class and at youth. This guy had my attention the whole way through this sermon! He brought up AMAZING facts that glorified God SO much. It made God look REALLY big.. the way he really is. I really suggest that you take a look at it. It's called "How great is our God" by Louis Giglio. Ok.. so you are still probably wondering.. "Ok.. so what's laminin?" AH! This is so cool. I love it. So what you see above is a picture of laminin. In the sermon Mr. Giglio goes off about how he really needed a big finish for his sermon. So he started talking about how he had talked to a scientific person who I don't really know the title of! And he told Mr. Giglio about laminin. He started saying how laminin was what held our bodies together, like the wire or metal pipe or whatever you use in a cement structure. ISN'T THAT AMAZING?! Our whole lives (not to mention all the billions of people who have lived and died before us) we have been held together with millions and millions of little CROSSES?! I think that is just TOO COOL!! Oh I love it. Salvation message right here! hahaha so yeah.. I really think you should check out that video.

"If the earth were a golf ball..."


Abbie said...

Hey Mercedes, have you ever seen "Indescribable" by Louis Giglio? It's really good too! I'm doing a post about soon. so you can tune in if you want at =D

Abbie :)

emily said...

Okay, I'll check it out :)

xox emily

Htebazile said...

Interesting =D