Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well.. today was pretty good I guess. ahaha. Except for the fact that it is Thursday and my schedule goes something like this... Science, Socials, French, Socials, Science. Sounds pretty FANTASTIC eh? UGH. I am just happy that tomorrow is Friday and I am going to see Carol Cartwright!! I am so stoked. I haven't seen this amazing woman of God in years. I call her Mama Carol. She is amazing. I happened to be at one of her services when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit.. and I was very young, I knew it was important, but now, I REALLY know it is so important and relevant in my life. Me and Zandra are going down to Nanaimo (With Mrs. Millar of course!) to go to the women's conference at Maranatha church. It's going to be fantastic. Carol Cartwright is going to be there! OH MY GOSH! I am so excited!! Another reason that I am so excited is that next Friday is a Pro-D day! WHOOP WHOOP! I am pretty stoked on life. 

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emily said...

Awesome :P Sounds like ur gonna have fun =) Btw -- I luv ur name! Its so kewl!!