Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my amazing mother's birthday (her age will remain un-announced :P) I love her so much and I love having her to look up to. She sets an amazing example for me in her relationship with God, the way she interacts with people, and in the contents of her closet!

You're amazing. I can't say anything more or less.. well actually I AM going to say more lol. You are always there to talk about things that I can't talk with Dad about JUST KIDDING! (Dad, you know I am JUST KIDDING!) But you are always there, and I love having you there to open up to whenever I am going through whatever teenage girls go through these days. You were always there to do my ponytail, paint my nails and pick out my clothes, and now you are always there to feed me, make me laugh, encourage me with my walk with God, and just be an amazing mother!

Some amazing qualities about my amazing mother...
  • She has GREAT taste!
  • She is an amazing singer
  • She makes me laugh
  • She loves snow, and prays for snow days with us!!
  • She always always always encourages me in everything that I am doing
  • She is a wonderful chef
  • She is great with maid service :D
  • She teaches me and my brothers how to work
  • She loves me and the rest of our family
Mom, have a fantastic birthday I love you so much!! <333>

Love your one and only daughter, Mercedes xox


Mikayla Joy Donovan said...

This is very cute!

matt said...

hahaha... I remember when we would go outside and pray in tongues for snow days... that was funny