Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Well. Today is Good Friday. I went to the service at Mark Isfeld as usual, except this year it seemed to fly by way faster than previous years, when I would count down the minutes. Tonight to, I don't want to say "celebrate" but remember, I am watching the Passion of The Christ for the first time. We watched the first hour or so at school yesterday before it got to any of the brutal parts. And so far, it's pretty good. Accompanying me is Emerson and Mik. Alexandra was going to join us, but ended up having plans tonight :( So... tomorrow is the Easter Egg Scramble at the Vanier track at 10:00am. Sadly though, this year I can't participate... but maybe (since I have connections) I might be able to scramble with the rest of the kids :D Well... I guess thats all...

Asta la vista!!

(BY THE WAY. What does asta la vista even mean???)

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