Friday, December 5, 2008

iPhone what an amazing device

Well tonight me and my family went to The Three Stooges house warming party, and so we got to go and basically look throug h their new house (Randy, Ryan and Matt) and eat food! So me and Chelsea were just sitting down and talking and we were talking about iPhones and then she asked if we could play around with my moms new one. So I ran and got it and we had so much fun playing with it for like literally 45 minutes on the stairs downloading free games :D Our favourite one that we downloaded was an air hockey one were to sides could play and it was really fun. Even though we were accused of texting boys.... we still had a bunch of fun!


Chelsea Millar said...

hahah! :) That was fun. We'll have to do it again sometime.

Mikayla Joy: ME said...

Who accused you?? hu?

Breanne Michelle said...

pretty much everyone at the party lol, im thinkin its cause its true :P and this whole "downloading games" is a coverup, or maybe the new code for "texting boys" hahah jk jk