Thursday, December 4, 2008

Well hello all of the world (actually not all of the world, only like your office or den or lap or desk) Today was a fabulous day. I have nothing in particular that I wanted to blog about, well actually I kind of do. On Tuesday, Laurel (one of me buddies) turned 14. It was also Cadre and we had this great little (BIG) party for her where my cake did look the best if I do say so my self... (Sorry Samantha :P) So yeah I told her I was going to blog about it but I didn't really get around to it until now. So, lets start my day in complete order I'll try to remember everything well not everything but as much as I can you know, remember.

6:30- My alarm goes off for the first time and I hit it the average 2-3 hits per day
6:50- I finally lug myself out of my fantastic bed that is just SO much cozier in the morning for some strange reason...
7:41- I start making a chai nisto with gingerbread, but it end up taking m like 9 minutes... and then me and my brothers have to hurry out the door so we don't miss the bus...
AVERAGE BUS ARRIVAL TIME- Well we did end up waiting for some time in the freezing weather because even though we have to "be at the bus stop at 7:50" she does'nt even get there until like 7:57 so my siblings and I, Steph and Mellissa have to wait in the cold for a whole 7 minutes (except on days like this one)
8:45 Aprox- We (the bus) arrive at the school and start watching the life of Jesus for devo's
9:15- We start learning about triangles
After math we then moved on to english....
Then we moved on to french where I was reminded that laughing/giggling in french is ' rit'
We then had lunch break, and then me and some of my friends (Mandy, Mikayla, Laurel and Chelsea) Skipped around the chip trail singing the song we made up while leaving Ms. Baileys room. It goes something like this...

Why?! Why are you leaving my roooooooom!? Why are you leaving my roo oo oooom oooo ooo oom oh why!

We always try to harmonize it but it never really turns out the way we want it to. :D
Then back to English! Where I was kind of distracted talking to Chels.
THEN BACK TO MATH for the SECOND time today. By the middle of the class I couldn't really seem to focus, and was giggling about nothing and saying I was sick of math and couldn't wait until Jan. (We end our grade 8 math 'adventure' then)
2:50 - We pack up and load onto the bus and I sit down with Mikayla and we talk for the whole ride straight. If you have never been on a bus that is what you do with your friends for the 30-45 minutes you are aboard.

I got home, messed around with my hair, then went on facebook (duh) and then the Craig and Shanda Millar's came for dinner with Alexandra, Anika and Alaina and it was fun! We played with our new coffee machine and well it was yummy... I am going to go now because well I am just plain bored with telling you guys about my day. Maybe another time

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