Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I always LOVE Wednesdays because we have 3 easy classes out of 5. Here is my Wednesday Schedule : Math: Drama: English: Music: HCE:

So it was a pretty amazing day and it is not even over yet! This morning at 5:57 Amy's water broke, she is in labor now and I am so excited! Tonight at youth, we have Deanna leading worship which will be amazing! And Daniel is going to preach, its going to be so awesome! So anyway as some of you know, our family just recently got a new espresso machine. I don't think it has been posted on anyone in the houses blog yet so I am going to put up a pic. It is so nice! Its also really easy to use because you don't even have to use tamps (its the thing that pushes down the espresso so that it is firm so that that shot it nice) it automatically does that for you and the shots are SO nice! So yeah just a glimpse of my day :D


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